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Innovation and Integration



Noubikko P. Ulanday, CEO

An industry-acknowledge corporate leader, Noubikko serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, the nucleus that provides dynamism for the entire business structure.  A U.S. trained MBA and MSc, credited for his methodologies in strategies and labor disciplines.  Noubikko has extensive experience serving on numerous corporate boards and has been the principal of the corporate team for the past 28 years.



Giulliano C. Russelli - COO

Russell acts as the President of the company. A first-rate business leader and marketing expert who shapes up the policies and resolution infrastructure for the company. An MBA holder credited for his inventive work in the industry for over 22 years.



Hans B. Murien - CFO

Murien serves as the Vice-President and the Chief Operation Officer of the company. An MBA and MS holder both in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. He excelled in numerous top positions he previously handled as a corporate board director with outstanding work experience for over 15 years.




Perla Z. Dela - CMO 

Dela serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of the company. An MBA holder from the University of Berkeley, California. She is a business leader and first-rate marketing expert with an unparalleled record in international issues for the past 16 years. 



Dante A. Ulanday - CPO

Dante serves as the Chief Promotion Officer of the company.  His experience in the industry has been credited with long-time excellence having organized conventions, events, and major university reunions in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dante also owns Vegas Best 8 Talents, a company that supplies talents in prime bars and clubs in Nevada and California for the past 18 years. 




Donald Anthony Stoddard - Director

Donald holds a degree in Social Policy.  He scrutinizes the Macro Economic environment in terms of our strategic endeavors, illustrating the risks and pitfalls, and ramifications of social legislation to various industries and the cascading effect in relation to social responsibility.  Anthony heads RPConnect's representation with GECC (Global European Economic Chamber). 



SriramaRaju Chakravaram - Director

Raju is a U.S. trained MBA and pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration, having academe in Strategic Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, India, and Public Policy Economics from Oxford University, the UK his key strength is multi-task management in meeting the demands of corporate goals. Raju is unmatched in forming strategic alliances within the business circle in India, the USA, and the Philippines.